Can't ever get a clean start

07:55:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

So I just updated to IOS5. And so the software prompted me to back up all necessary files before it wipes clean my idevice. And after it was wiped clean, there were still remnants of the old. This serves as a reminder that we can't ever wipe clean the memories of our past. And indeed, if humans kept forgetting their past mistakes, we are likely to fall into folly and continue to make the same mistakes over and over and over. 
Those that know me know that I'm an ideas person. I am often drive my passion over ideas of a moment. Or in other words, I am impulsive. I can run with an idea and not sleep or eat till I finish. So doing a PhD has been a tough learning process. It's not like running a marathon or a 10km challenge where you know where you are heading and all you have to do is follow the path or the other runners. IT's about running into uncharted territory. I start out in the run and I stop when I'm lost and confused. So every now and then I take stock. I tell myself, I'm starting afresh, anew, I will be productive. BUT I cannot wipe clean the days of the past. 
Instead, I will look closely at where the light leads me and follow one step after another. Sticking closely to God.

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