Love and sincerity

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My midday-lunch translation project [Chinese to English/ Engrish]

曲:曹雪芬@宇宙大爆炸 詞:林夕 編:Teo Lo

其實自己一個更開心 只等你講  [Actually, I was happier by myself, just waiting for you to speak]
其實大家早已嫌大家 卻扮忙 [Actually, we were both pretending to be busy]
恨有多一點碰撞 仍然無聊事幹 不敢打攪對方 [We didn't want to disturb each other so we avoided conflict]
要是你願意 誠實講一趟 彼此都起碼覺得釋放 [If you are willing to speak truthfully, we would at least think about releasing each other]
不要哭 我也忍得了這些年來的委曲 [Don't cry, I have also endured the memories from these years]
沒法真心愛下去 只好真心真意的結束 [Can't really continue to love truthfully so we should just honestly end it here]
* 別再做情人 做隻貓做隻狗 不做情人  [Let's not be lovers anymore. It's better to be a dog or a cat but not lovers]
做只寵物至少可愛迷人 [At least a pet is cute and loveable]
和你不瞅不睬 最終只椰足側臚H (和你相交不淺 無謂明日歲Q你憎) [To ignore each other, we we eventually become enemies]
淪為舊朋友 是否又稱心 沒有心 只像閒人 若有空[ As old friends can we understand, without feeling becoming empty like strangers]
難道有空可接吻 注定似過路人陌生 你怎麼手震 [As if there is space for a kiss, have decided to become strangers on a street, why do your hands shake?]
(這預告 發自虔誠內心) *
長期被迫戀愛也真比 失戀更慘 [It's harder to be forced to love over the long term than to fall out of love]
長期扮演若無其事般 更困難 [It's tougher to pretend that nothing is up , nothing is wrong]
是我專登反應慢 明明為時甚晚 牌一早該要攤 [I deliberately responded slowly knowing that it's too late to bring up]
再像我伴侶 仍望多一眼 一生都將楣O得今晚 [to pretend we are a couple, hoping to see you more].
Repeat *
對不起 自動分手錯愕的你怕毓侇P  [I'm sorry.
盲目的我 現在也可轉台來賀你新生
Repeat *

Ran out of time... finish this project later :)

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