Mistakes, i've made a few

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I've had a really packed week thus far. So the conference is over. Finally. A dramatic week too, but now it's over it doesn't seem that bad. 

I landed in Hobart on Sunday only to realise that I printed my poster in the wrong orientation, panic! I had to redo my poster and get it ready by the following morning. I spent some time with my research team and go to know them a bit better. The next morning, I went to explore Hobart before sunrise, it's a beautiful little fishing town. To my surprise, nothing is open at 6am, not even coffee shops! Then I got the poster printed and crisis dodged. 

The next day was the first full day of talks. I was drained by the end of the day. So exhausted, I decided to skip having a meal with my research team and explore Hobart a bit more. This time, I explored way more by foot. And I returned home to enjoy a much needed bath. A full bath with designer minerals. NICE! It's nice to have time alone when the rest of the day is spent networking and around people. 

Then yesterday was another full day of talks, but I was relaxed and happy to be there because I got lost in the woods in the morning. I probably have the worse sense of direction, but as my old principle used to say: taking the road less travelled is worthwhile. I did see things people don't normally see and met people I don't normally meet. The conference dinner in the evening was an interesting affair. If my dress wasn't so short and heels not so tall, perhaps I would have danced too, but there were far too many people to talk to anyway. 

And finally, today, the conference rounded out well, went shopping and then explored a Hobart a little bit more before retiring home to cook myself a dinner. It's nice not to have to eat out, and nice to be able to have the apartment by myself now that my supervisor had gone. But I only just discovered that i have free internet here... wish i had known all week. Now i have to finish this paper tonight before I head out bush tomorrow. 

I think I had extreme emotions for the last few days, but really, none of it seems that big of a deal now. I was given many opportunities to witness my faith, so thanks God!

And the things of this earth seem strangely dim, in the light of his glory and grace. 

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