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So I have just paid off my massive credit card bill. So last months' spending splurge has been dealt with. The airfares, accommodation (hoping that I can get some money back from work for this business trip, then the rest can be put on my tax return, so I will be out of pocket about $1000 instead of $2000 for this conference), then small electricals (camera, phone, laptop- luckily these aren't purchases I make regularly), fashion purchases, etc. 
BUT then in the last 24 hours, my credit card bill has started to go up again. I paid for my health practitioner registration $403, phone bill $40, travel accessories $2, and I made a SASA order of $74 so I could get free shipping. My rationale is that I won't have time to buy these things on my short stay in hk. On the bright side, most of the things I bought on SASA was buy one get one free, substantially discounted or I cannot buy them in Australia. I would say these are necessary costs. But there is still a sense of guilt involved. I know what I should be doing, but I'm not doing it. 
This morning got off to a good start. Went on a morning walk with my mum, headed off to coffee. But then I got home and haven't really done much work ~ I know it's a Saturday but if my deadline is 31/12/2012 then I need to start cracking the whip. 

Here what November looks like...
- Finish poster for conference
- Go to conference (then off hiking for a couple of days)
- Manuscript for conference paper (I've only done the method section, so this will take a while) ~ Sp1
- Submitting HN paper (already fully drafted, need the other authors to read through the paper) ~ HN1
- Major analyses for EC ~ hoping to use parallel processes on AMOS/ MPLUS (if I can get my hands on it)
- Review paper manuscript draft (probably be a December task).
- Church activities (prepare for last bible study, prepare for young people's relationship seminar, prepare for last teaching session)
- Personal activities (mailing out Christmas cards and preparing Christmas presents). 
- Aim to complete 3 x 5km runs a week with weights in between
- Aim to get down to x3 before going to HK. 
- Aim to work out some music for Christmas worship in HK.

Looks like a busy month, can't forget to spend time in devotion and ask for strength during this extreme busy season. 

Baby steps, baby steps. Today, the aim is simple to finish the conference poster and the methods/results section for the conference paper. And I know even if I don't have any time for anything, I'll be spending time with my Lord!

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