Exhausted. We treasure things more if they are harder to get

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Quick post: Back. Alive. Living and well. Will post pictures later.

[EDIT]. My Conference Trip

Day 1. Early morning flight to Hobart.

My bathroom, complete with HUGE bath tub, which I took full advantage of! Not a bad set up for a bathroom I think, the floor to ceiling running mirror was a bonus. 

Got to the venue to realise my poster needed fixing!

Hot rock salmon @ drunken admiral

Day 2. 
Conference venue by night? No this was 5am in the morning the day after the first symposium. 

The beautiful harbour

As daylight broke, I found the war memorials

After a day's talk, I had time to enjoy the harbourside

And spend some time with the locals, eating fish and chips on the street.

Day 3. Feeling adventurous, I wanted to find the botanic gardens in the morning. This is not it. 

After what was meant to be a half hour walk, ... 2 hours later, I found the botanic gardens. The return walk only took 20 minutes... wish I would stop getting lost. 

Conference dinner. 

Day 4. Last day of the conference. Got my hands on some drugs !!!

Checked out Hobart after the conference. 

Day 5... Russell Falls

Lake St Clair

Trying to find wildlife...

The sun finally begins to set at 8pm. 

Day 6. just before it starts to rain like crazy. 

An open fire with mates.

From my heart to yours, super sweet!

Day 7. Cradle mountain take 2. Gorgeous weather thanks God!!

Definitely worth the 5 hour hike!

Taken at the saddle of cradle mountain!

The way down was quite dangerous and scary!!


First coles shop in Australia!

Fields along the way. 


Day 8. After visiting the poppy/opium fields. Launceston!

Worst $20 fish and chips ever! But well worth the money and thanks God the shop weathered me from a huge storm!

Beer factory by the banks of the river

Most enjoyable time at the Museum!

And ending the trip shopping!

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