Do not stumble...

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I nearly died today. Actually, it would be the first time that I've been met with this situation. I went swimming again and yes, nearly drowned. Unfortunately there weren't any cute lifesavers around. Instead, my dear mother carried me to safety. Serves me right for trying to break my PB. 
And yesterday, I again hitch hiked. I didn't have any uncomfortable feelings until I got into the car. Have I always been so "impulsive"? 
On the one hand, I am known to be a good organiser, a planner, but on the other hand, I am also known for my spontaneity. I'm not sure how it all works. Or when different aspects of my personality take control.  

The planner.
- I like to make TO DO lists
- I like to plan my day
- I like to do research before buying things
- I like to do research- hence my job. 

The rebel. 
- Sometimes I say things/ type things without careful consideration of the feelings of others or the consequences
- Sometimes I make applications to jobs/ conferences without properly assessing my ability
- Hitch hiking/ making new friends in public places

But the balance is good. Somethings require a leap of faith. If we must be certain before we do anything, there will be many opportunities lost. 

Similarly, faith is a leap. We choose to believe God even though we can't see him. But I dare you to take the next step with God, our maker!

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