Made some mistakes?

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Have you made some mistakes in your life? So have I. Who hasn't? The important things is to make changes for the better. Tomorrow is always brighter! For our Lord holds tomorrow. 

This makes me want to volunteer in drug rehab during my overseas visit

如果看見明天 C

C        F
如能看見 你最想的 開心便極容易
[If you can see, what you really want, then it's easy to be happy]
 Dm        G
如能看見 路沒去向 走險並沒意思
[If you can see, no path ahead, then taking risks is meaningless]
 Em    A    F
從前青春 縱沒珍惜 但知道有明天
[Past youth, haven't been treasured but you know there is tomorrow]
  Dm    G   C
怎麼不相信 今天就是改變
[How can you believe, today is a change]

 C        F
如能看見 長途漫漫 可克服任何事
[If you can see, with the long journey, anything can be overcome]
 Dm        G
難尋到愛 寂寞裡有 天的父做靠倚
[Hard to find love, in loneliness, you can rely on your heavenly father]
 Em    A    F
徬徨的心 困在幽谷 若希冀有晴天~
[Anxious hearts trapped in the valley can place your hope in sunny days ahead]
  Dm    G   C
應該可感到 谷底亮著光線
[You should be able to feel the light even at the bottom of the valley]

 C        F
遺忘過去 要再開始 可改掉舊名字
[For get the past and start again, you can get rid of your old name/reputation]
 Dm        G
如求脫去 混亂細節 可剪斷壞髮絲
[If you want to get rid of the chaotic details, you can cut off the bad]
 Em    A    F
柔柔身體 已受的傷 是深會變成淺~
[The bodily injuries that have been sustained can become lighter]
  Dm    G   C
找到方向 新生命是挑戰
[To find your direction, starting a new life is a challenge]

G7  C        F
如明天不記住昨天 以往的以後誰在意
[Tomorrow, don't remember the past. In the future, no one cares about whats past]
   Dm   G    C
如曾有錯未成大錯 要改都總算是容易
[If you have made mistakes it's easy to make amends/changes]
F    G    Em  Am
我最親愛的 這一生寶貴是時間
[My dear, the most precious thing in this life is time]
F  G7    C
你要歸來 總不太晚
[If you want to return, it's never too late]

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