Done with the chase.

18:00:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

When we teach sensitive topics, we let students know they can exit the lecture hall at any time but let them indicate whether we should chase after them and check if they are ok. 

Done with the chase. Running after a moving target is tough, nearly impossible, but it's good for loosing weight jkjk. I'm tired. My energy has been depleted. I felt lonely today and just wanted to spend time with friends and people. You can be supportive of everyone around you, and put on a smile, but underneath, all I needed was a pat on the shoulder, a hug, a "are you ok?" But I am too strong for that. I am always running after other people, taking care of others, but will there be someone who will run after me too? To make sure that I'm ok? 

I just needed some time to R & R; some time to refocus, and some time to prioritize. I don't think it's because mum isn't around, it's just a sudden feeling, but I'll get over it. Even when I was walking around with people all around, I still felt alone, misunderstood.

Then I am reminded that the Lord is never far away. He answers prayers thanks God! He gave me just what I needed. A feeling of warmth that radiates within me. Thanks thanks thanks.

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