"I'm getting married"

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A childhood friend told me today that they are getting married. Well, confirmed it anyway. As I move through this next period of my life, I notice that more and more of my friends are getting married. And I am so happy for them, so happy that they have found a significant other than can provide them with support to serve the lord.

Here is my gift to the happy couple

Long before we were born, before we even took form
God saw us, loved us and prepared us
He gave us a hope and a future
But we were blind to his plans

He made man to govern the earth but he was lonely
God saw him, loved him and prepared for him
A mate, a companion, a friend
But he had to learn to treasure her

Joined now in November
Never to part, man and wife they join at last
No longer roaming the world alone
And building together love, faith and hope.

Congrats on your wedding day
And may God continue to build you both up
So that you can grow to love God and each other more each and everyday.

And you know what he told me? There's nothing wrong with being happily single and serving God whilst being single :) :). Thanks Mate.

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