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So it's the same pattern, I pray for specific guidance, the specific guidance ~ I catch hold of this direction and I run my heart out. Then I get tired and start to wonder whether I have misread the road signs. So I ask for specific guidance about the same thing again. So my question to myself is this 1) did I interpret the specific guidance the right way 2) am I having second thoughts because I didn't get my own way 3) am I of so little faith that I waiver?

So there have been a few examples in my life. I prayed to God to provide me with work experience in an accounting firm. I prayed and prayed, got rejection letters. And prayed and prayed. And got more rejection letters. Then finally I got accepted and then I praised God. I worked hard at accounting for a while, decided that it really wasn't for me. Then I quit. So in seeking God's guidance, in hindsight I can say God told me accounting wasn't the path for me at the time. BUT were the rejection letters part of the trials? Or were they closed doors? And because of my personality, did God just let me try so that I know his will? Or is it that the situation changed and the answer changed?

There are no unanswered prayers, sometimes the answer is no, or not now.

We need to have stronger faith in what we cannot see.

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