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Top trending on twitter -#50thingsilove. We often say we love chocolate. We love xyz movie or xyz actor. It gives us a feeling of warmth from within, makes us light on a feet for a few seconds. But really, we mean that we like, or really like these things. Love, is deeper than that. The love that I desire is a little more serious than an object that can be bought with money or something that can come in and out of fashion. The love that I desire is forever, eternal. It's sacrifice, compromise. 

But in the meantime, here are things I really like... (not exactly in order... just in order of how these came to my mind)

  1. God
  2. creating music to worship God
  3. listening to Music- mainly gospel songs
  4. Leading sunday school worship 
  5. Exercise- mainly jogging and tennis (recently swimming)
  6. True Friends- you know who you are
  7. family 
  8. Old couples holding hands
  9. Japanese food, but mainly sashimi/sushi
  10. Kids sharing
  11. Romantic comedies
  12. Soy chai lattes served with a dash of honey
  13. being inspired by a great speaker
  14. when my spss spits out significant values
  15. receiving well thought out gifts
  16. hand written letters
  17. rainbows
  18. kids singing praises to the Lord
  19. hiding out in mum's room
  20. finding someone i can confide in
  21. walking out of a cinema still thinking about the ending
  22. beautiful scenery
  23. youtube :)
  24. clothes that just fit
  25. people randomly reminding me that they care about me
  26. discovering something new
  27. finding comfort in bible verses
  28. holidays
  29. travelling
  30. taking photos of places and food
  31. baking and not having to wash up
  32. pride and prejudice 
  33. my phone
  34. my laptop
  35. green
  36. bargains
  37. waking up to beautiful sunshine
  38. being in love
  39. earl grey tea
  40. hits on my blog :P
  41. reading and being lost in another world
  42. keeping mementos
  43. when people cheer me on
  44. when things just work out
  45. when i clear a to do list
  46. when i feel at peace
  47. when I get something published
  48. when i make new friends
  49. when i do something impulsive and it turns out to be a fantastic adventure
  50. loving life and being content :)

這樣的愛 This kind of love

[This kind of love, this deep kind of love, is constant and unchanging even in the future]
[Born in this world to reveal God's love, to be close to people who are ill and depressed]
[This kind of love is willing to sacrifice, this love redeemed me through the pouring out of blood]
[Through sacrifice and obsticales, the flow of blood- this love, no one on earth can compare to this love]
[This devine love is deeper than the sea, this love has set me free from the sins within my heart]
[Walking with me through gloominess, walked with me through my loneliness]
[This love is real, my God's grace is higher than the skies]
[Now that I have found this love, I won't wander in the darkness lost]
[My journey is through the valley, this love is difficult to pour out]
[This type of love, this lifelong love, this love is unmeasurable but exciting]
[since you live within me, I will never be empty again, you are with me all night, never to separate]
[This type of love, take can last a lifetime, won't change even through trials and difficulties]
[There is no substitute on this earth for this love, I will offer my life to repay this type of love]. 

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