All for you

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As I think back at my past crushes, I blush and think of the child I used to be. As per tv dramas, I would fancy myself to be in love with people I know nothing about. I would be willing in an heart beat to sacrifice myself - throw myself in front of a moving car for these people. Or so I thought. I could change, learn new things, become someone new. That's my problem: I love too much, with too much intensity, setting myself up for failure. 
As I grew up and got my heart broken. As I watched those around me fall in love and get their hearts broken, I found out that tv dramas and fairy tales are just that, they are fiction. I'm starting to doubt there is someone out there that would reciprocate the type of love I have to offer. Someone who would stick by me through the ups and downs just as I am willing to stick by them. 

But even through it all, I found that is a type of love that doesn't change. God's love. Even when I was selfish he was there for me. And in exchange for his love for me, I am truly willing to give it all to him. 



[My sight and thoughts, are solely directed at you, oh, Jesus]

[Following you will, Your sweet soul fills me]


[ Leaving behind things that hold me, letting go and giving it to you, my lord]

[I want to make you happy, for your love continuously flows]


[my life is completely for you, like a balm]

[Giving unregrettably, just wanting you to be fulfilled]


[My life is completely for you, like a balm]

[Whole heartedly I dedicate, the deepest love]

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