No dead ends

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I went to visit my father's graveside the other day. And on the way, we were met with a life/death situation. A car was driving on the wrong side of the road. And when they finally realised this fact, they started to reverse onto oncoming traffic. WOW. Unbelievable. If it was me, I would have taken a turn onto the right side of the road and avoided the oncoming traffic, but no, it was a scary situation. 
But it made me realise something. There are no dead ends. We can always make good a bad situation. Or perhaps we might not be able to see why it is happening but... there is a way out. 

We often wander off the track God has put us on. Or we often take wrong turns. We might get tired trying to stay on track. But God provides us with sign posts along the way, to tell us to reverse, or to take certain turns. Or to simply stop. No matter how lost and powerless we feel, God is always there to support us. 


[When you are at the end of your tether, when you feel lonely and annoyed]

[You just have to believe that God is always supporting you, Willing to lift you out of the pain and worries]當你跑到疲乏難再下去,當你感到疑惑說:「我是誰?」
[When you have become worn out and feel like you are unable to continue, when you are are searching for who you are]只要相信神完全明白你,就讓你伸手接受,祂深愛你。
[You just have to believe that God completely understands you, you just have to accept that God loves you deeply]別害怕!祂知你難受,擔當軟弱與困憂。
[Don't be afraid, he knows your pain, he will carry your burdens and weaknesses]不需再懼怕,耶穌必拯救。願你開口接受,張開你手。
[Don't be terrified, Jesus will save. Let your mouth accept and open your hands]別害怕!祂知你難受,擔當軟弱與困憂,
[Don't be afraid, he knows your pain, he will carry your burdens and weaknesses] 不需再懼怕,耶穌必拯救。讓你一生快樂展翅高飛。一個全新的你。
[Don't be terrified, Jesus will save. Allowing your happily spread your wings and fly. Making a whole new you.]

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