my heart is turned completely to you

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Worship or to serve is a blessing. Over the last week, I had lost my energy, lost my voice, I was unable to talk, unable to sing, unable to laugh out loud. These are things so often taken for granted.
When I called my loved ones overseas, I nearly cried, all I could manage was a coarse whisper and couldn't say much else. It's so hard so hard.
When I felt the need to praise and worship in song, I couldn't I just couldn't. It's different playing the piano without voice... I just wanted to badly to sing along.
They say communication is only 30% language. But that 30% is indeed important. Even the simple things in life were made difficult.

So while we still have a voice use it to glorify God. To sing praises. To tell your loved ones you love them. For you don't know when you will lose your voice. 


[When the sound of praise resounds, my heart is turned completely to you]

[When the holy spirit's anointing overflows, my spirit is no longer closed]

[The spring of praise is like the spring rain, my heart is like a joyful river that never rests]

[The notes of praise is like elegant snow flakes, the warmth of my heart keeps rising] 

[I will open my mouth in praise and thanksgiving, never ever ceasing praise]

[never ever ceasing in thanksgiving, 

[I will dedicate my whole life, in my lifetime, I will never let my footsteps leave you]

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