We can increase love by a bit

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It's so true. Without love, life is worthless. Knowledge is worthless. Wealthy is meaningless.
Love can make everything so beautiful.

(I edited some of the english translation)

[I can possess the entire world but cannot be without love]
[I can understand everything but still be empty]
[I can use faith to move mountains but still feel lonely]
這世界沒有了愛 一切仍是黑白
[Without love this world can seem black and white]
不要埋藏在心裡 把愛說出來
[Don't hide it in your heart, speak your love]
不要默默在一旁 把愛活出來
[Don't put it to one side, let your love out]
喔愛 可以在更多一點點
[Ah, Love, can be increased by a bit]
不怕被傷害 把靈魂鎖起來
[Don't be afraid to be hurt, let your spirit flow]
愛 可以在更多一點點
[Ah, Love, can be increased by a bit]
從天父來的愛 把懼怕挪開
[The love from the father, can release us from fear]
[You will discover the blessings ready to meet you]
一瞬間 這世界變的好美
[In an instant, the world can become beautiful]

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