The moon that embraces the sun

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As a recovering k-drama addict, I sometimes have what we call in the addiction field, lapses. If treated carefully, it will not lead to a full blown relapse. But this drama will probably make it to my top 10 of all time list. It's a Korean period drama about a girl who embraces the crown prince. She is willing to give up her freedom and her life for him. In return he (as well as her other admirer) mourns for her "death" years after she has "passed" away. The child actors in the drama are so convincing and did a great job at portraying all the emotions involved. To be so attached at the age of 13 is beautiful.  
To be honest, I did not know what Love was at 13. There are so many metaphors that stem from the moon. The moon does not shine itself, it can simply reflect the light of the sun. I too want to be like the moon, and shine because the sun shines :). 
Let us keep on walking ahead, despite the difficulties keeping our focus on the task of embracing and reflecting the light of the sun!


[See the sea of clouds drifting past, telling the world that magic still exists, people under the moon always hopes that it's full] 
[Have to get on the stage each day, to tell of our story, the moving plots that need to be carefully acted out]

[How can people become like dust, without a voice or leaving a tear, our whole body shakes]
[How can we meet God to be embraced and to get up again]
[Originally we were safe wandering the world, lingering and lost]
[Then meeting God, getting led by him, we regained a spectacular spirit in our heart]

[Who doesn't imagine a brilliant and spectacular life? Who can direct and act out a good play?]
[When humans can meet God, it's a blessing, and ultimately fly]
[To count all the ups and downs of life, when will we succeed, when will we become frustrated?]
[The future path can change so many times, the road is low, to have this blessing keeps our hearts warm]

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