Fight for us

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When the enemy seems overwhelming- We sometimes want to just give up. In the olden days, they would count the enemy in thousands. In these days, we might not be fighting these battles in our everyday lives. But our fights maybe against our own will power, against the desires of this world... For me at the moment, I am fighting an endless pile of paperwork, research, things to read. Sometimes I feel defeated and just procrastinate- making the problem worse. Or other times, I might be fighting again my urge to shop- fighting against the catalogues and sales. Or still, against the addictions or against the temptations of this world. Whatever it may be. We don't have to fight this battle alone. If we do, we may be fighting a losing fight. We may as well give up. But the Lord promises, that he will fight for us. We just have to be still, look upon the Lord and he will fight for us!

Link to MJ's printable version of the bible verse- she owns the rights to the design :) ... always inspiring. 


[Full of ability]
[My hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ]
[Peace is inside you and life's source]
[It is in Jesus Christ, my Lord you are living within me]
[I declare that in me]

[More ability than anything on this earth]
[I do not belong to this world, I will lift up the name of Jesus]
[I declare that in me]

[The living water flows with ability]
[With Jesus living inside of me, I will bravely stand]
[With the lord within me, there is no fear and I am able to overcome all enemies]
[With the lord within me, there is no fear, we become more than conquerors

[You use truth and light to lead me back to your temple]
[I run to your altar, right before my joyful God]
[If I turn and focus on you, my heart is no longer depressed or irritable] 
[I want to praise you, for you are my saviour and my help]
[You oh God are my God. I want to praise you with song and the piano]

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