Peter 彼得與王

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Do you love me more than these?
Do you love me?
Do you love me?

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son... John 3:16. So what is our response? Even his closest followers claimed that they loved him back. But when troubles came, and Jesus was arrested, all of them fled.

When we tell God/ Jesus that we love him, do we offer this promise too easily? If we have failed God's love for us, he will give us one more chance to show that we LOVE HIM TOO. Later Peter did Jesus' will, and was even crucified for His kingdom. When we are given another chance to show him how much we love him, let's not just use words.

Chinese- English TRANSLATION by kikoprincess
彼得與王 - 張致恆

曲:Edward Li │詞:高皓正 │編:Jim Ling │監:Jim Ling 
導演:張致恆@Mark2 │ MV製作:Lawrence Kan@Mark2 │ 畫作:Eric Ng
Mark2 Presents:

猶大那裡有承諾過 陪伴祢到尾
[In Judah, there was once a promise to be with you until the end]
唯獨我太快承諾你 死都不別離
[Only I promised you too quickly to not leave even unto death]
行在水面再沉下去 沒有走向你
[To walk on water but then to sink because I was not walking towards you]
遺下你替我抬十架 我在陸地
[Left behind the cross you carried for me, I am on the land]

你卻問我 你問我 再問我會愛著你比這些深麼
[You even asked me, you asked me, you again asked me whether I would love you more than these]
我看著你 但你明明深知道 我愛你愛得幾多 太過多
[I looked at you but you actually knew that I love you, loved you too much]

 Give me one more try 我錯過太多的機會
[Give me one more try, I missed too many opportunities]
 跟你喝苦杯 如何彌補 如何修補
[To follow your bitter cup, how to make amends, how to mend?]
 Love you one more time 愛上你已得到最好 一切像糞土
[Love you one more time, to be in love with you is like getting the best, everything is like dust]
[After that I would follow you to become higher]

頑石會變作磐石嗎 問我可以嗎
[ Can stones become a rock? Can it be possible?]
唯獨你叫我成大器 鷹一般高飛
[Only you called me to become useful, to fly like an eagle]
我拒絕你 撇下你 背叛你 你卻待我一直是知己
[I denied you, tried to lose you, but you have always treated me like a bosom buddy]
我決定要為你完成福音 那怕結尾也給釘死 我已死
[I have decided to complete the gospel for you, even at the end to be crucified, I'm already dead]

Give me one more try 我會為你捉緊機會
[Give me one more try, I have missed too many opportunities]
不會再不配 仍然祈禱 為我編寫 一幅可以踏上天路的地圖
[I won't be undeserving of your prayers, to write for me a map to get to heaven]

Love you one more time 愛上你便得到信心 因你便勇敢
[Love you one more time, to love you and to gain confidence, to gain courage because of you]
[To look forward to burn for you forever and ever ]

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