wings of an eagle

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Songs are special to me. Songs can carry with them meanings, memories and can often make me think of certain people. When I first met this particular friend, they seemed confident, carefree, comfortable with their life. They did not seem to have a worry in the world and to me, they were content. I looked up to them.
But once I got to know this friend, I found out more of their worries. I understood more of their flaws. And saw more of their unfulfilled desires. And although their life is not as perfect as you first thought, you care for them because they have become part of your life. 

Actually, this is often the case. People don't tend to expose their real weaknesses to you until you get to know them. (unless of course you are me, and people only have an hour to tell you their life history). It is a privilege to share people's burdens. It is a honor to have someone confide in you. But even if you feel uncomfortable about telling anyone your worries, desires, troubles, know that God understands. He understands even what we do not say. He knows our pain, our troubles, our hopes, dreams. He also sees our future, and if we choose to rely on him, we too can once again fly with wings like an eagle- strong, confident and carefree.  And he loves us despite our weaknesses. 

如鹰展翅上腾 Like wings on an eagle

神已聽見我的呼求 祂也明白我的渴望
[God has already heard by cry, he already understands my desires]

[Leaving my burdens and all my worries]

[Restoring the beautiful image God has created in me]
永在的神 創造萬物的主
[Eternal God, Lord of all creation]
[His wisdom is beyond all measure] 疲乏的祂賜能力 軟弱的祂加力量
[He gives ability to the tired and strength to the weak]

[Those who wait for Jehovah will gain new strength]
如鷹展翅上騰 翱翔在神的國度裡
[Like wings on an eagle flying in the kingdom of God] 飛越所有艱難和風暴
[Flying over all the hardships and storms]
單單注視 祢榮耀寶座

[Only seeing your glorious throne]
如鷹展翅上騰 翱翔在神的國度裡
[Like wings on an eagle flying in the kingdom of God] 
[Receiving the holy spirit's anointing and might]
活出美好 自由的風采
[Living out a glorious, free demeanor

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