An introduction to Ephesians

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This is a series based on the letters to the ephesians. 

Writer: Paul
Time: around 60AD. After Paul was put in prison (after 3rd mission- he had previously visited on his first mission trip and his third -- longer stay)
Audience: The people of the church of ephesus - west of modern turkey. some say circular letter. 
Main themes: unity/ spiritual blessings. Two main parts: doctorine and practical. 

Thanks to Uncle Sam Chan for writing the bible study and the following web resources:


[In the morning, I ask that you listen to my prayers, in the evening I ask that you listen to my cry]

[Away from you, I get lost, answer me so that I can be found again]

[I ask that you let me hear your kindness, ask that you let me understand the road that I walk]

[I ask that you let me heart only looks unto you, to act out your will]

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