Don't touch my heart!

21:37:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

 Over a casual dinner, my friend, who is also single mentioned that she couldn't help but consider potential matches when she meets Godly guys. Indeed, there is a HK-slang word for this, S& A- Single and Available. 

It's a natural thing for us to do- to be attracted to these people. But should we allow these people to easily enter our hearts? No. 

The bible suggests that we guard our hearts above all else. We should seriously pray before allowing someone to enter our hearts. This - I have learnt the hard way. Hopefully others won't have to learn the same way. 

As a friend, a sister in christ, I would suggest carefully observing, praying before allowing someone in your heart. Perhaps talking to others in the church about this person's character. Understanding more about this person. It takes time to get to know a persons strengths and flaws. It takes time to understand God's will of whether this person should enter your heart. 

While there are some Godly men in my life, who are the right "type" of people- that is, they would make Godly husbands, I am flattered, thanks but no thanks. I won't be letting anyone in my heart for a while. I need to grow more as an individual first, to be more Christ-like. It's nothing personal. I am just not ready to be hurt again; not just yet. 

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