finding love again

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I have found love again.

When we fall in love, we hope that it will last forever. Sometimes, the feeling fades. Sometimes, there is a different ending than we expected. But can we find the love again?

Why do I do research into addiction/substance abuse in young people? I don't know why I started. I just landed in the role. I don't do drugs, alcohol, gamble, or even take huge risks. But one of the reasons why I am still in this field of research: God put me here for a reason.

I remember how passionate I was about research during honors. 30 articles? Not a problem, I can read them in the next few days, sleep? not a problem. I would be talking to people about my research, thinking about it all the time. Between that time and this year... something went wrong. Somehow my relationship with my research wavered. Somehow, I lost the passion. I was distracted? I fell in love with other things- clinical practice, people, relationship difficulties?

Whatever it is, I am trying to find love again. It would be pointless trying to write everyday unless what I write can produce some good. So a few days ago, my prayers have been answered, and I am starting to fall in love with my work all over again... and just like any relationship, it's going to take some work to keep it fresh, keep it exciting :)

毒海浮生 困惑我心
[A poisonous sea has constrained my heart]
誰願意 伸手拯救
[Who is willing to reach out to save me?]
無望了 不懂哀求
[Hopeless, not knowing how to beg]

這一生 我困倦累透
[In this life I have been sleepy and tired]
[Can light be an impasse]
[Is there a possibility of rescue?]
神祢是愛 祢給我自由
[God you are love, you have given me freedom]
[Only you want to wait for me to change]

祢是愛 我不再自憐
[God you are love, I no longer dwell in self pity]
[Fleeing from a world of drugs]

祢是愛 困苦 已得到釋放
[God you are love, my suffering has already been lifted]
唯祢是我 我驚喜遇上愛
[Only you are mine, my surprising love]
[I am grateful for the encounter]
燃亮我的生命 使我邁向豐盛
Rekindle my life and direct me towards abundance]
磨練過的生命 求用這見證
[Train my life and let me use this as a testimony]
[My hearts song]

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