30 Jan.

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15 years ago, I remember yelling at my dad- telling him that I was going to be late to school. He slapped me across the face. That was my last interaction with my dad. I think about the incident from time to time. Could I have handled it differently, I could have been more patient, I could have said I love you. Of course there are regrets. 
But I also remember the good memories. I remember him yelling out pjs, and singing k. I remember my dad working and how I looked up to him. I remember how he would socialise so easily. I remember how he would carry my brother and I on his shoulders. I remember both good and bad times. I am fortunate to have known my father for at least 10 years of my life. 

We had just moved to a new house, got a new car, he was going well in his job... our future was looking bright. But in an instant, things can change. In a space of a few hours, I changed from wanting to get to school on time and wanting dad to leave us alone to facing the reality of never seeing him again. 

In an instant, we lost the breadwinner for the family. The head of the family. The father. The husband. We were in a foreign country with no family. My mother kept few friends for herself. 

Yet, in these bleak times, my mum was always hopeful. She kept praising, kept reading the bible, kept trusting that the Lord would pull us through. And he did. He took care of us through the loving hands of friends, family and the church. He blessed us. What do we have that is not the lords? But the greatest comfort and the greatest blessing through these 15 years, is knowing that the Lord Jesus Christ was with us every step of the way. 


[In the countless dark nights, you are drawn out by stars]

[Your grace is like the morning star, allowing me to clearly see you]

[In my song, I use notes to praise you]

[Your goodness - I will spread with my life]


[The greatest blessing of this life, is to know Jesus]

[The greatest blessing of this life is to believe and trust in Jesus]

[Even though I walk through the highest mountains or deepest valleys, he will be walking with me]
我知道 這是最美的祝福。

[I Know that is the greatest blessing]. 

太 5:6飢渴慕義的人有福了.因為他們必得飽足
箴 10:22耶和華所賜的福、使人富足、並不加上憂慮。
詩 118:26奉耶和華名來 、是應當稱頌的.我們從耶和華的殿中、為你們祝福。

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