Sacrificial love

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In this round of translation projects, I will try to make the english fit the song. So the translations may not be 100% accurate, not that they were anyway. 

付出的愛 Sacrificial love

每當我想起你寶貴十架 [Every time I think upon your precious cross]
為了我的過犯你受刑罰 [You suffered for the sake of my infirmities]
為了我得醫治你受鞭傷 [You took the whip for the sake of my healing]
為了我得救贖付上代價 [You paid the price for the sake of my salvation]

每當我想起你犧牲的愛 [Every time I think about your sacrificial love]
我要高舉雙手獻上敬拜 [I will lift my hands up in praise to you]
我的心要不停獻上感謝 [My heart will offer unceasing praise]
主耶穌你為我做的一切 [for all you have done for me Lord Jesus Christ]

尊貴羔羊 配得我讚美 [Precious holy lamb,  worthy of my praise]
榮耀君王 配得我尊崇 [Glorious saviour king,  worthy of my honour]
再次獻上讚美祭 [Again, we offer praise and honour]
我靈向你歌頌 [My soul sings praises to you]
感謝主你為我付出的愛 [thanking you Lord for your sacrificial love]

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