nomadic existence

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From one nomad to another According to the dictionary, a 'nomad' is a member of people who have no permanent abode and travel from place to place to find pasture for their livestock.
Since staring uni, I have moved around a fair bit. everytime I move, I feel stressed and excited at the same time. there is always so much to organise and so many things to think about. At the same time, there is also the anticipation of meeting new people, learning new things and discovering new places. of course when we go to a new place we might feel like it's outside our comfort zone.
we might have expactations for ourselves, for our new friends, new work environment, new church support networks.etc
but i firmly believe in exposure as the best treatment for anxiety/fear. it's not easy but putting yourself out there would put you in the best position.
god was with Israel when they too were nomatic, for 40 yeras the people wandered around in the desert, they would settle in a plae, then be uprooted again to another place. I guess besides the huge lenght of time (to get use to it), it was that they could do it together as a nation. Although there were times I felt lonely during my moves, I knew that my family and friends were only a phonecall/short trip away. What is more important is that God is never far away, and your family/church is not confined to 4 walls. it is about the people. and no matter where you go God's people will be there, or hearts yearing for God.
This path God has sent you on may not be easy and you may not be able to see why it's so difficult, but our God knows what he is doing.
He wants the best for his children so what are you experiencing now is in accordance with his beautiful plan for you. You are loveable. God proved that over 2000 years ago. You are not insignificant, he hears our prayers and gives us what we need, even if it's not what we want.

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