A constant

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It's been at least a year since we have had a meal together. It feels like no time has passed in between. Yet even over the last 12 months, we have changed. Subtly. You won't be able to pick it. But the things we talk about have changed, the things we worry about, some of our occupations have changed, our direction in life, what we considered important. 

Today, our topics seem more mature. We talk about marriages, and work... not about exams and boyfriends. Over the last couple of weeks, I had the courage to read some old journals. Little me had crushes on a million different guys, I would love a particular type of music, colour, food, clothing, sport... but these all change over time. 

It's hard for me to find something constant. Something that doesn't change. But such a thing exists. 2000 years ago, God died for us. He loved us then, and he loves us now. 



[Lord Jesus, I thank you, your body was sacrificed for me]

[Brought me out of the darkness, into the light, allowing me to see again]

[Lord Jesus, I thank you, your precious blood flowed for me]

[On the precious cross, the healing grace flowed, allowing me to be completely free]

[The might of the Precious cross has given me life, Lord Jesus Christ I bow down before you]

[The saving grace of the precious cross is your covenant, your love will never ever change]

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