The pleasure of waiting

20:34:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

There are beautiful things all around us, we just need to take the time to appreciate them.
I was blessed with the opportunity to sit on the pier and watch people hand in hand as they walked past, children chasing after each other and fishermen at their work. Looking across the bay I saw the bright lights of a different world. A busy place where bbqs were out of the question, starring st the night sky was a waste of time and speaking to god was a foreign concept.
I feel so incredibly blessed today. Yesterday thre lord sent me beautiful people to get me through a storm, today I woke up at peace with the lost dream. I can see more advantages than disadvantages to this direction the lord had steered me towards. I have faith that he has plans for me.
I have to put my pride aside, for what do I have that is not the lords, what skill can I boat in that has not been given freely from above.
A friend asked me to join a service, but I declined, am I being selfish? Surely his grace is sufficrnt and if I did commit my time and energy he will make sure that I can fulfill the rest of my commitments.
And so I am blessed by the wait. waiting for the lights to change allows me time to think, waiting for another year to graduate gives me opportunites to learn more, waiting to find a partner-the right one allows me to improve myself so that I can be a better other half, waiting for friends who are late gives me time to pray for their needs.

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