My secret

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我的秘密 MySecret

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最近一直很好心情 不知道什么原因 (My mood has been good lately, I'm not sure of the reason)
我现在这一种心情 我想要唱给你听 (I currently have this type of feeling, I want to sing to you)

看着窗外的小星星 心里想着我的秘密 (Looking at the stars outside of the window, I think of my secret)
算不算爱我不太确定 我只知道我在想你 (I'm not certain if it's love but I know I keep thinking of you)

我们之间的距离好像忽远又忽近 (The distance that separates us seems so far yet so close)
你明明不在我身边我却觉得很亲 (You are obviously not by my side but you feel so close)
HA 有一种感觉我想说明 (There is a feeling that I want to be be certain of)
我心里的秘密 是你给的甜蜜 (The secret inside my heart is the sweetness that give)

我们之间的距离好像一点点靠近  (The distance that separates us seems so far yet so close)
是不是你对我也有一种特殊感情 (I'm not sure that you have the same special feeling)
HA 我犹豫要不要告诉你 (I am hesitant whether to tell you)
我心里的秘密 是我好像喜欢了你 (The secret inside my heart ... is that I might like you)

夜里陪着我的声音 就算沙了也动听  (The sound that accompanies me in the dark, even the sand has sounds)
这一种累了的声音 是最温柔的证明 (It's a type of tired sound, but it's the most gentle evidence)
你是我 你是我的秘密 (you are my, you are my secret)
我一直偷偷想着你 (I have been secretly thinking of you)
你是我心里的秘密 (You are the secret in my heart)

这模糊的关系 是莫明的美丽 (This ambiguous relationship is somehow beautiful)

我们之间的距离每天一点点靠近 (The distances that separates us reduces everyday)
这是种别人无法理解的特殊感情 (It's a type of incomprehensible special feeling)
HA 我要让全世界都清晰 (I want the whole world to be clear)
我心里的秘密 是我会一直深爱着你 (That the secret inside my heart is that I will deeply love you)

深爱着你 (Deeply in love with you)

--- I have been in a good mood lately. I have been smiling for no reason. The grass seems greener, I am more patient when there are irresponsible drivers on the road. But it's not because I'm in love with a particular man. It's because I'm back, loving the life God has given me. Ready to love, ready to shine, ready to do what he has called me to do. 

I am sure one day there will be someone who can make me happy. But right now? I am happy without that person by my side. Until we meet, I will be happy because God made me me :) ---

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