Old love letters

02:00:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

Whilst doing some compulsory cleaning, I stumbled across some treasures of my past. Past love letters, gifts from those special people in my life. Each of these things brings back a memory, and I smile as I remember the golden days of yore, gentle wave at these memories as if meeting a stranger on a street and move on the next item. I feel no need to hold on to these things, but mum told me not to throw these things away.

 You smile at these things that seemed so real at the time, and these things  still cheer me up. Do these things mean nothing after time wears on? Maybe, but maybe the meaning changes. When I was younger, these things meant love. As time wore on, it just made me smile to think that I was in love once. And sometimes it's just encouraging to know that you were loved.

It's like the bible. It doesn't matter how many times I read it, I find inspiration and something new in it each time. Maybe it's the same old verses, but with different experiences you have, comes different viewpoints.

Go- revisit your old love, read the bible today!

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