The moment you fall in love

10:09:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

As I am getting older, people always ask me whether I am in a romantic relationship or when I am getting married. And more such during chinese new years.

This is a season of my life, God has designed for me to be single at this moment in life and with singleness, I am given the freedom to serve God and travel without burden.

You go girl! speaking out from the heart :)

Kari Jobe talks about the moment she falls in love. The moment that I fell in love? I don't remember the first time I fell in love with the presence of God. I remember many moments when I fell in love with him AGAIN.

It doesn't look like how we thought it would look like. It's different from how we imagined, but God just draws us back and he makes me love him more and more with each day, more and more with each experience.

I keep falling in love with him, over and over again :)

If you have forgotten about the feeling of falling in love... just spend some time with your lover, God is waiting for you :)

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