God will make a way

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Sometimes you think you have your future planned out in front of you. If not the next ten years, then at least the next year, if not the next year, at least the next month. You think you can control the little bits and pieces that follow. Surely, I would just enrol in a course, try my best, pass and graduate. Surely if I have put in the effort I would not fail. Sometimes my confidence gets the better of me.

And then I am surprised when I find out things haven't gone according to my plan. It looks like I will not graduate this year after all. I have not been allocated a position in my final placement- how does that even happen? Isn't it the university's responsibility to provide me with a placement position? As it now stands, I will either have to graduate later next year, or give up my overseas scholarship.

It's funny, well, not really. But I have just been comforting a friend about a similar issue and now it has come upon me. Shall I use the same words to comfort myself? It's just another year, it's not the end of the world, money isn't everything. God will make a way where there seems to be no way. The same words seem like a ridicule to me at the moment. I wonder how my friend took it when I said these words to him. I had the best intentions at the time, but somehow the words seem so empty when I am trying to comfort myself with them.

It is out of my control. All of it is. All I can do is put my head down and keep working hard at the tasks that I have set before me. Work long crazy hours to try to graduate as soon as I can. And in the end, it will be ok.

We are called to give thanks in ALL circumstances. Not just the good. Not just when we get gifts, make break throughs... we need to give thanks when things don't work out well. So is God asking us to be unrealistic optimists? There is a reason certain hurdles are in our way, they teach us something. Not getting what I want, when I want has taught me patience. Making mistakes has taught me to put more care in my work. Upsetting people has taught me to be more considerate of others feelings. Having my heart broken has taught me to be more careful when trusting people. And this? I'm not sure what this will teach me yet, but I guess I am grateful because I might be able to spend summer overseas instead of a miserable winter.

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is Gods will for you in Jesus Christ- 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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